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Discover the Beauty of Belize!

Belize is a small country with about 300,000 people located just south of Mexico and west of Guatemala along the Caribbean Sea of Central America. Belize features ancient Mayan ruins, tropical rainforests teeming with wildlife, mountain rivers, caves and trails perfect for the adventure traveler, as well as one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Many cultures blend to create a cultural experience that many visitors say is one of the very best features of Belize: its people.

Belize is in fact the only Central American country with English as a first language. Mayans, Kriol, English and other people live peacefully in a secure political environment enriched with diverse cultures. Belize is a premier ecotourism destination. The Cayo Distict of Belize is home to numerous remains of ancient Mayan cities, some still undiscovered under the jungle's lush vegetation, majestic Maya Mountains that soar 3000 feet into the clouds, some of the tallest mangrove trees in the region, complex cave systems, the only pine forest (Mountain Pine Ridge) in all of Central America, and a unique and colorful cultural mix.


Belize is often described as a "melting pot" of cultures all intermingled to form a unique "Belizean identity". Even with the many interracial unions, Belize boasts several distinct and identifiable ethnic groups. These include the Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garifuna, East Indians, Chinese and Mennonites. These all blend to form a people with a wide diversity of cultures, traditions and beliefs all co-existing in harmony. The Belizean society exemplifies the preservation of individual identities and ethnic differences. English is the official language of Belize. However, English Creole is widely spoken and remains a distinctive part of everyday conversations for most Belizeans. Spanish is also common and is taught in primary and secondary schools in order to further develop bilingual citizens.

Areas Near the Resort

Georgeville on Western Highway (Mile 62) – a friendly little village with a bump in the road with a few stores and super nice people.

San Ignacio Town – the big town around here, but it is not very big. Weekly market days on Saturday and a bustling town center with little cafes, restaurants, tour operators and people watching. A casino up on the hill runs standard games and slot machines. There are several exceptional restaurants in town and we are happy to make recommendations to you.

Santa Elena – the sister town to San Ignacio, this is the area you first encounter on Western Highway when approaching San Ignacio which is across the river. Santa Elena has its own appeal including a few great little spots for lunch and coffee. You can also find a pharmacy, hardware store, computer supply, and other retail needs in these areas.

Mountain Pine Ridge This Belize Protected Forest area contains some of the most beautiful sights in Cayo Belize area. To enter the area, you must be a guest of several upscale resorts or be on an authorized tour company tour. Assuming you have made these arrangements, Pine Ridge offers views and hiking adventures that are among the best in Central America. See the 1000 foot falls or visit Big Rock Falls by car or horseback. There are private guided hikes through unbelievable terrain where one minute you are following a creek bad and the next staring out over a valley 800 feet below you. The wildlife roam freely and you can expect to spot your share of nature in this untouched natural environment. Ask about how you can experience Mountain Pine Ridge on our tour offerings.

Belmopan The capital of Belize, Belmopan is a commercial center and home of the national football team and festival grounds. You can explore the market day activities or walk around the town center. Home to diplomats and government officials, there are upscale restaurants and decent night life on weekends.

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