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The Gumbo Limbo Jungle Resort Story

Our family (Made up of Mike and Jenny, and our son Steven) moved to Belize in 2004. First living in Santa Elena, then San Ignacio, we took our time settling into the new Belize lifestyle and making plans for our future.

We came upon a beautiful piece of Belize for sale and, seeing the beauty and potential, we jumped on the chance and bought it. Next on the agenda was what to do with our beautiful surroundings. Already having a small house on the property, we began renovating and building our home in Belize. This took the best part of year giving us plenty of time to plan our next move: Building a beautiful jungle resort with mountain views that people could afford to enjoy.

Our plans called for building a beautiful modern resort set in the jungle with all the facilities that much more expensive resorts were offering but at a more affordable price. We brought our vision to life through a year and half of blood, sweat and tears and the help of many great people. Mike, Jenny, Steve and 6 year old Megan, all worked their fingers to the bone bringing our resort to the world.

We hope that you and your family come visit our “little piece of heaven on Earth” and enjoy the beauty and hospitality found at the GumboLimbo Jungle Resort. Ask about our picture book from building the resort.

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